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Reb McKinney

Architecture for community resilience

We have a decade to change, to limit global warming within 2 degrees, this is a opportunity to reimagine our world.  We have work to do.

Architect, builder and maker, Reb is currently working as resilience director at the new company Resilience Architecture with the mission to increase our community resilience through great architecture.

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Values and Process

Investigate Reality

In order to change for the better we must investigate, measure and deal with the reality of what is.

'What gets measured gets improved' - Peter Drucker

Deep site analysis, energy modelling, testing and gathering data are key design decision making tools.

Set Intentions

Intentionality will help deliver on the important goals we must meet in the near future.

'a goal without a plan is just a wish' Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

All project should begin with and continually re-evaluate its intentions that they are realistic, measurable and work on a route to achieve them.

Work Efficiently

Outdated processes in the construction industry are an obstacle to delivering affordable buildings.

By adopting agile workflows such as Scrum and Kanban, the industry can remove some redundancies and become more efficient.

Maximize Integrations

Great things can be achieved through collaboration.


Work to maximize the beneficial integrations and feed-back loops between all people, resources, buildings and spaces.

Think we can collaborate? 

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I believe that together we can work to build a great world and a resilient civilization where we will adapt to climate change mitigate further negative impacts and integrate to the max.

Reb McKinney

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